Age shall not weary them

22nd April 2020

Department of Education news release on Film by...student-made films and the impact of World War I on young people.

Age shall not weary them - Department of Education News Article

School holiday challenge:What I could’ve been doing...

6th April 2020

Have a look at this Flat Lay stop motion film by Philipp Klein Herrero who had to cancel his skiing holiday so he made a stop motion movie instead:

Soooooo, why don’t we make our own versions and post them online to Film by Aussie Kids. Let’s have some creative fun and see what happens.

Here are some YouTube links that might help you but there are lots more.

How to Make a Stop Motion on your Phone


Paper Brain Productions


Rose(Film run backwards)

For other students and teachers created films, go to our website:

To our amazing teaching staff

4th April 2020

To our amazing teaching staff

To support you during these unusual times,Film by…is creating digital learning programs for teachers and students. All our resources are available in a Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive or our G Suite Google folder.

Film by Aussie Kids is an online platform for students to upload and share their stories, ideas and experiences via film and digital media. We encourage all students to document their experiences in these extraordinary times.

Our online teaching materials utilise basic programs such as word and PDFs to support as many students as possible. These materials allow teachers to mentor students, either online or in the classroom, through the learning process, and include assessment guides where applicable. Editable copies are also provided for teachers to personalise the programs. All documents can be made available via shared folders, email, or on USBs.

Currently, there are programs for stages 2, 3 & 4 with materials available for other stages. A documentary making and visual literacy unit of work,Through My Eyes, is a 10-week program for stages 3 and 4. It addresses STEAM outcomes with a focus on English.

We are also in the process of creating a support film on ‘How to Make a Movie’ but in the meantime, have a look at our Google drive for films made by students and their teachers.

We encourage teachers from all subject areas to engage students in filmmaking. Digital media is a powerful tool that can provide evidence of learning and engagement in any curriculum area.

Please contact us for support or if you have any film-based programs or resources you can offer to other teachers.

Teachers wishing to access the Film by Resources must access it via the Microsoft Office 365 app or G Suite Google app on the staff portal, as only DoE emails have access. Please download and save required files and do not amend files online.