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Film by Invitation 2020

Congratulations to all the schools whose films screened at Film by Invitation for Education Week 2020 which showcased films from all the 2019 festivals. Our patron, Bryan Brown had a hard time selecting his favourite movie but he managed to narrowed it down to Campsie Public School’s Homework. Special commendations were also given to Centennial Park School (Spawn), Hastings Public School (Tyler's Tale) and Ellison Public School (The Truth About Global Warming).

Over 22000 viewers voted for their favourite films with the most popular vote going to Broken Hill North Public School’s Just Another Ordinary Day. Watch the online festival here


Film by Online Festivals 2020

All films are for this year’s online festival are due by the end of term 3 (September 25).

All films accepted are then eligible for FILM BY INVITATION 2021. Please read the information booklet carefully and upload your films via the link embedded in the information booklet.


Film by Long Shorts

In 2021 we will be hosting a new festival for those movie makers keen to make longer movies. A separate flyer will follow in a few weeks with all the details and prizes. Duration for these films will be 9 minutes. Films will be due in at the end of Term 1 2021.


Film by Teacher’s Shorts

We understand there are many teachers who are frustrated film makers, so this one is for you. This festival will be open to teachers and we will screen the best of the best on Tuesday October 5, 2021 which is World Teachers Day.



All films submitted to Film by Online festivals must be copyright free or have obtained copyright permission.

Copyright includes music, film footage and images. The attached information booklet contains links to help you source your music and images legally. So create your own or check carefully the licencing requirements of any sources.

Support for Schools, Teachers and Students

Film by… continues to support school all over NSW with registered and non-registered TPL for teachers and workshops for students. All our programs have cross curriculum applications and aim to support current programs and learning without adding workload. We can visit your school and work with teachers and students on many different aspects of film making.

We also provide our TPL via zoom and this can also be tailored to specific requirements.

Contact us for more information