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Please find a series of resources developed by the Film and news articles that have been specifically selected with film making in mind. News articles that have been selected are relevant to students with an interest in building their knowledge of film making. Resources will be uploaded to assist students and teachers in making with quality film making.

Dept of Education Free Online Festival for Education Week. Join in!


Wow! what a term and such an amazing job done by all our schools, teachers and students.

So here is some news from your very own Department of Education Film by.. Festivals

1.Film by Invitationwill be a marquee event for Education Week 2020 This festival will celebrate the best student films submitted in 2019.  Since COVID 19, many festivals, celebrations and events will not be occurring, so the DoE will showcase Film by Invitation as an online, digital event. All schools are encouraged to tune in, watch for free and vote on your favourite film.

2.      Film by… Festivals will be going ahead in Term 4, 2020 either as ‘live’ events or virtual digital festivals. So, make a film with your students and submit it here. Our Film by Information package has been attached.
If you’ve never submitted a film before, then now is the time. From fires, droughts and floods to the COVID 19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, this is a year for students to tell their stories through film.

3.      Which brings us to copyright. If you want your films to be showcased at statewide digital festivals, put on your school website or submitted to other competitions and festivals - use copyright free music and images (people forget using film and photos from the internet breaches copyright too!)

For Creative Commons (copyright free or royalty free) material, including music, here are some recommended sites:
Creative Commons

Remember we are here to support schools, teachers and students with our 15 hour registered NESA accredited course Teaching Visual Literacy and Film Making RG01164 which covers most curriculum areas and outcomes. Attending this workshop is FREE for terms 3 and 4. Sessions will be implemented when there are sufficient numbers of teachers expressing interest in any location - we come to you. Schools wishing to implement and host TPL sessions, please reply to this email.

MyPL Link (Please be signed into your DET Portal to access)

Our online support materials provide independent, project-based learning for students. These programs can be delivered in a number of ways. See our Google share drive or Office 365 One Drives
Google Drive Link
OneDrive Link
Have a safe, healthy and relaxing break from all of us

The Film By… Team

Teachers Generic Information Package 2020

Age Shall Not Weary Them


Department of Education news release on Film by...student-made films and the impact of World War I on young people.

Age shall not weary them - Department of Education News Article

Stage 5 ANZAC Day Teaching Resources


Attached below is the teaching resource for Stage 5. This resource relates to the video: Parcel from my Sister Kate.

Download: ANZAC Stage 5 Student Workbook

Stage 4 ANZAC Day Teaching Resources


Attached below is the teaching resource for Stage 4. This resource relates to the video: Jack & Tom.

Download: ANZAC Stage 4 Student Workbook

Stage 3 ANZAC Day Teaching Resources


Attached below is the teaching resource for Stage 3. This resource relates to the video: Jack & Tom.

Download: ANZAC Stage 3 Student Workbook

Stage 2 ANZAC Day Teaching Resources


Attached below is the teaching resource for Stage 2. This resource relates to the video: Jack & Tom.

Download: ANZAC Stage 2 Student Workbook

Storytime With Mr Skene


Storytime With Mr Skene - Mr Skene is a Special Education Teacher at Miranda Public School who has been reading books to support students whilst students are aware from face to face learning. Follow his readings by clicking the link below.

Facebook: Story Time With Mr Skene


School Holiday Challenge: What I could've been doing...


School holiday challenge:What I could’ve been doing...

Have a look at this Flat Lay stop motion film by Philipp Klein Herrero who had to cancel his skiing holiday so he made a stop motion movie instead:

Soooooo, why don’t we make our own versions and post them online toFilm by Aussie Kids. Let’s have some creative fun and see what happens.

Here are some YouTube links that might help you but there are lots more.

How to Make a Stop Motion on your PhonePaper Brain Productions

Rose(Film run backwards)

For otherstudents and teachers created films, go to our website:

To Our Amazing Teaching Staff...


To our amazing teaching staff,

To support you during these unusual times,Film by…is creating digital learning programs for teachers and students. All our resources are available in aMicrosoft Office 365 OneDrive or our G Suite Google folder.

Film by Aussie Kids is an online platform for students to upload and share their stories, ideas and experiences via film and digital media. We encourage all students to document their experiences in these extraordinary times.

Our online teaching materials utilise basic programs such as word and PDFs to support as many students as possible. These materials allow teachers to mentor students, either online or in the classroom, through the learning process, and include assessment guides where applicable. Editable copies are also provided for teachers to personalise the programs. All documents can be made available via shared folders, email, or on USBs.

Currently, there are programs for stages 2, 3 & 4 with materials available for other stages. A documentary making and visual literacy unit of work,Through My Eyes,is a 10-week program for stages 3 and 4. It addresses STEAM outcomes with a focus on English.

We are also in the process of creating a support film on ‘How to Make a Movie’ but in the meantime, have a look at our Google drive for films made by students and their teachers.

We encourage teachers from all subject areas to engage students in filmmaking. Digital media is a powerful tool that can provide evidence of learning and engagement in any curriculum area.

Please contact us for support or if you have any film-based programs or resources you can offer to other teachers.

Teachers wishing to access the Film by Resources must access it via the Microsoft Office 365 app or G Suite Google app on the staff portal, as only DoE emails have access. Please download and save required files and do not amend files online.

Teachers Information Package


The Teachers Information Package for 2020 is now available below. Teachers that are interested in creating and submitting a film are encouraged to read the information packet below before submitting.

Download Here: Teachers Information Package 2020

Film By...Introduction 2020


Film By...Introduction 2020

Please click the link below to download a copy of the Film By....Introduction Package for 2020.

Download Here: Film by...Introduction 2020